team rules

the big 4

  • Players Play.
  • Coaches Coach. 
  • Refs Ref. 
  • Parents Praise, Inspire, and are the teams biggest fans.

the “shining path”

  • Own your soccer.
  • Do the hard work.
  • Be committed.
  • Inspire your team.

the “noble” truths

  1. If you want to play on a better team, start with the one you’re on a be a better soccer player and teammate. If you want to be a better soccer player, be committed, do the hard work, do the home work, and inspire your teammates with your effort.
  2. Little things count in large amounts. Competitive teams distinguish themselves with their speed of play, level of skill with the fundamentals, and ability to play as a team.
  3. Nothing inspires success like success. We, as a team will define our successes, and that might not always be winning a game. Winning is an outcome of effort, desire, and skill. Success is about setting a high and achievable goal and and doing the work it takes to beat it. Sometimes, successs will be defined by winning, another time it might be defined by how well we demonstrate speed of play, and another may be how many 1v1s we win. The key to having fun is being successful, however that success might be defined.

the rest of them

  • Minimum equipment for practices and games
    • Practice – Soccer appropriate clothes
    • Games – Both complete uniforms (Jersey, Shorts, Socks)
    • Cleats
    • Shin guards
    • Size 4 soccer ball (properly inflated)
    • Water bottle (bigger the better)
    • No jewelry, bracelets, bobby pins, rings, etc.
    • Hair up and out of the players face
    • Sunscreen
    • Bag to fit all this in
  • Soccer time is soccer time. Focus on practice, matches, and soccer homework.
  • Showtime is 10 minutes before Warmup time which start time for practice and 40 minutes before game time. Players must be 100% ready to play at Warmup time. This means in soccer clothes, cleats, shin guards on, with a properly inflated ball and ready to work.

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