legends 05g

For the 2014-2015 season, I’m very proud to get to once again be a part of the Pride SC Academy program. I’m a believer in the program even more after seeing the success of the players from my 04 age group team. During tryouts, the Academy players as a group stood out so much that, with a few exceptions, the U11 coaches that hadn’t seen the any of the players before could tell which had played with the Academy and which had not. The 04 Academy class filled the ranks of the top 4 teams in the club. The Red team, which typically plays in the third division of the competitive league even ended up being pushed up to the second division such was the quality of the teams.

With the new team, the expectations are even higher than before. I feel like the starting point is a little higher than the previous year. The girls are more athletic, their skills are a little better, and their competitive spirit is just a little more fiery. The work that still needs to be done is considerable, but I’m again motivated by the challenge of inspiring a passion for the game, building the technical and tactical foundations they need to be successful in league soccer, and guiding the discovery of their character and spirit as competitors.


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